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Elk Ivory Jewelry 


Looking to turn your trophy bull or cow elk into a unique gift for yourself or for someone special in your life?  


Here are examples of our work. Contact us to discuss your personalized piece! 


elk ivory and diamond ring
belt buckle
Elk Ivory Pendant
Elk Ivory Money Clip

Sterling Silver Elk Ivory Cuff Bracelet

elk ivory gold laced

Sterling Silver Elk Antler Pendant

Sterling silver opal elk ivory necklace


Fine and sterling silver combination elk ivory belt buckle with mountain lion claws.

Custom made watch

Belt buckle made from antler, with elk ivory pieces inlaid into sterling silver, and sterling silver tracks

Sterling silver & 14kt yellow gold accent elk ivory cuff bracelet

Belt buckle with custom made sterling silver elk and hold with tracks


14 kt yellow gold & diamond elk ivory ring

Ivory Peridot Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver, Garnet, & Turquoise Dangle Earrings

Sterling silver pearl, citrine, and elk ivory dangle earrings

Cuff links

upload tk website ivory

Pendant with bullet wrapped in silver, and ivories on both sides with silver caps and elk heads

Sterling silver elk ivory family necklace.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Dangle Earrings

Sterling Silver antler earrings

Heart-shaped pendant with diamond in the middle

Diamond ivory earrings

Sterling silver elk ivory and black pearl dangle earrings.

Gemstone ivory pendants

Customize any pendant by adding words or letters

Elk Ivory Heart Pendant
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